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Healing Spaces

If you have experienced a recent, unexpected death of a loved one, you probably feel overwhelmed, sick with emotion, and wonder how you are going to cope with everything in your life. Not only is your loved one gone, but so is your sense of order, your current and future plans, and your feelings of stability.  Every day feels like a challenge, you feel vulnerable, and no one understands the true depth of your pain.

Imagine having the support and a community of others who know exactly what you are feeling?  Beginning October 10th, I will be launching Healing Spaces, small communities of individuals who have experienced sudden loss.  Together we will journey towards healing as we work through topics such as how to care for yourself; how to manage thoughts you cannot stop replaying; healthy ways to work through your grief; tools to use during a “grief attack” and skills to manage anxiety often associated with sudden loss.  These tools will allow you to start building a new foundation to create a future where you can give yourself permission to experience joy, purpose and meaning.

Registration is currently closed. The next group will begin Jan 2023. Subscribe below to be notified when registration opens.

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