You Have Found the Help You Need

The sudden death of your loved one is devastating.

Beyond devastating. Whatever the tragic circumstances, the aftermath feels unbearable. You are overwhelmed and consumed with a heaviness like no other sadness, confusion or despair you have ever experienced.

When Stephanie answered the phone on that rainy Tuesday afternoon, she had no idea that her life would be forever changed. She recalls how her heart stopped when the officer told her there had been an accident and no one survived. She remembers falling to her knees and wanting to scream but nothing came out. She was in complete and utter shock.

Her world stopped
She couldn't breathe
She had no idea what to do next

If you’re here reading this right now, you know exactly how this feels.

Bewildered. Lost. Out of your depth.

This is like nothing you have ever encountered. Beyond your worst nightmare.

You know that death is part of life, but you probably never imagined the onslaught and intensity of feelings you are experiencing right now: the suffering, the pain, the devastation. The world as you knew it has been turned upside down. Everything you understood to be real, your past as well as your plans for the future, feels shattered because the tragic events that changed your life have left you at the intersection of trauma and grief.

Take a deep breath…..

You may feel alone but you are not.

You may not know where to turn but there is a direction.

You will get through this and the pain will ease.

You will survive. You have found help.

When you experience a sudden death of a loved one there is tremendous pain

Every day is a challenge. Some days you are more functional than others. You are okay and then you are not. It is difficult to connect with others because no one really understands what you are experiencing and the pain on the road ahead seems like a life sentence.

You may be burdened with questions and worries as you try to navigate your days, and living with uncertainty and the unknown feels unbearable. Your sadness and pain feel like a burden to others and you fear you will be unable to sustain this existence. You may often experience sleepless nights; flashbacks related to the death or rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms. At times the desire to continue on with life may not exist and it is hard to ever imagine experiencing joy or happiness again.

There comes a time in your grief and pain when you realize it is time to do something different

There is a part of you that realizes you cannot continue in this much pain. You need help but don’t exactly know what it will look like. You need support and the understanding of others who speak your language and share the depths of your despair.

Eventually you become open to new ideas and tools to help you live with your loss and skills to address the symptoms associated with the trauma and grief. You are ready for direction and guidance on how to piece your life back together again in a manner that leaves you feeling connected to your loved one. You are looking for something designed especially for people who have experienced the death of a loved one in a sudden manner that will begin to ease the pain, provide suggestions on how to cope when it gets really tough and, perhaps, even foster growth.

Your desire to heal has brought you here

You can stop looking. You have arrived at a safe place to begin healing and to address and explore your pain. Companionship, community, tools and reassurances are available to equip you for the unexpected journey ahead. This is a place to contain your pain, where your experiences and needs are understood, and the unknown becomes a bit clearer. Here there are resources to support you through the intense sadness. You have found a place to explore your fears and worries, a direction, a place to find hope.